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Voice Channel turning on and off by itself

I am in Ebonheart and was finishing the "poison tree" quest, when the voice channel starting turning on to the area and would refresh every 4 or 5 seconds. Possible fix in future or one-time event? Anyone else have this?
  • Tectonaut

    I have also been having this issue. Chat is effectively not functional, either area or group for me.
  • DeanWinchester88
    Same issue here. Voice chat is unavailable for me right now.
    Xbox One/PC, North America.
    GT: Casper Fallout3
  • brassmaster12
    Yep I had the same problem. I was in Area chat when someone invited me to join there guild. So I joined and then. they voice chat would keep changing to guild chat every 5 seconds and kept making an annoying pinging noise. Logging off and back on or turning the game off and on did nothing. So I had to leave the guild for it to stop happening.
    Edited by brassmaster12 on June 12, 2015 6:26AM
  • Zusia211
    It has been so weird cause none of the problems people complain about have been an issue for me. To turn voice off just simple as going to social in menu and voice and leaving channel.
    PSN: blinkgirl211 - if try adding me send message first cause lots of random people always tries to add me...
  • Tectonaut
    Unfortunately it isn't quite so simple. As leave channel does nothing while this is happening. Counts down, then just counts down again. I'm sure they are working on it. It does take away from the multiplayer aspect some, not having chat functionality.
  • BambooScramble
    Xbx 1 - chat channel acting up again. I'm in the Harborage and it's while the Prophet is talking. Just a notice that it's an ongoing problem.
  • nastuug
    Sallington wrote: »
    Anything useful that players are wanting added into the game all fall under the category of "Yer ruinin my 'mersion!"
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