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Share your PvP/AvA deaths here

Making a thread on my PvP/AvA deaths, feel free to share your deaths recaps here too. Maybe we can learn something from looking at death recaps.
Start off with this one,
basically got 1 shotted by 2 people here.
I'm a V1 btw too.rarac6wsj97m.png
Can anyone tell me about Flying Blade and Lethal Arrow?
How do I counter those?
Basically I shield rammed on one dude and his buddies instant killed me after the charge.
I'm a V1 too, pretty crazy how I can still be 1 shotted. Also, was fighting this pvp rank 34 dude, had 10 guys attacking him and his health hardly even moved, everyone in the group was minimum veteran rank. WTH??
  • qsnoopyjr
    Sorry, cant edit the first post.

    What would be really nice is if the hint at the end, said something about how to avoid whatever attacks you died from and how to counter them.

    Like use reflective scales to reflect arrows. Block heavy attacks to avoid taking serious damage. Stuff that's actually useful than the obvious, buy potions....

    I got 1 shotted by two people at same time, potion wouldn't even make a difference because I died instantly.

    Also, "you must equip one hand and a shield to do such and such"...... I already have 1 hand and a shield and am already using those skills, how does telling me I have to equip a one hand and a shield to use skills I'm already using have anything to do with hints on how to avoid flying blade and the arrow??
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