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Baurus - Switchblades Of The North Guild

Soul Shriven
Hi.My name is Matt and I am currently recruiting for people to join my guild.I have a vast experience in MMORPG's ,beginning years ago with WOW and other games such as Guild wars and Star Wars.I'm also the biggest fan of all Bethesda creations,and have probably clocked up over 1000+ hours on Oblivion,fallout and Skyrim combined so am used to the environment.I am looking for players from all backgrounds,be it that your an old hand or a fresh face that feels slightly daunted by jumping into an MMORPG, (I know feeling,it can be confusing and overwhelming.) All I ask is that your up for a bit of fun,mainly PVE but haven't got a problem with PVP either and that you are quite active (at least 20+ hours a week.) Very interested in recruiting some officers quickly.Hope to see you soon for some good fun and some good fights and e exploration!!
  • cogiekcfc
    Soul Shriven
    Hi I'm new to the game but have experience in mmos would be happy to join give me a mail on psn cogiekcfc cheers
  • darklord30
    Hi what alliance are you?
  • requin02

    If you are from Aldmeri Dominion, hook me up. I am own old hand as well looking to have some fun.

    Best regards,

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