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PC 2 PS4

Soul Shriven
I know you guys have beat this to death but I think my question may be a bit differ then the info I am finding. We got ESO for PC on launch day. I had canceled my PS4 preorder on news of the delay. My understanding was I could buy the digital version for PS4 for 20.00. I'm not looking to transfer any characters or anything like that. I just want my copy of the game for 20.00

I never saw an email did I miss my window for that? Or did I not understand in the first place?
  • djdalamarpub19_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Come on guys no one can help me? This should be an easy awser. I look I just can't seem to find it.
  • MissBizz
    There was an email sent out April 9th, the $20 copy and transfer are the same thing. You had to of purchased the transfer ($20 version) before May 9th to get it. It was a limited time offer and is no longer available
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  • LameoveR
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    Something new here.
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