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Mer N fur an AD PVE guild is looking for you

Hi folks, UK Mer N fur is a friendly PVE guild looking for new members. We aim to complete all the PVE content every quest achievement trial and dungeon. We also intend to have a lot of fun doing it. We are looking for fun friendly folks with a drive to complete these same goals current level doesn't matter as we have plenty of folks willing to help with gear and tips.
The main requirement is bring a fun and friendly attitude and be willing to help other guild far we have done all vet dungeons no death speed etc and the same for AA and hel ra so our sights are set on vet dsa and sanctum. we have members that have done these but are yet to do sanctum as a guild. players just starting out or returning welcome/welcome back we are also looking to recruit you too. Many of us have alts and no one to level them with and fresh views
opinions views and approaches to future challenges are always welcome.
You can expect to find a fun friendly bunch of guildies from across Europe (English is the guild main language),
a ts server to use whenever you feel like and a real family atmosphere.
contact me here or in game (@samlathbury) for more info.
Edited by lathbury on April 19, 2015 12:09PM
  • GalerionG
    Hi I have 2 characters in the AD I would like to join your guild my ID is @VaizerdX
  • lathbury
    welcome I'll send you an invite today
  • RudolfRandom
    I would love to join @RudolfRandom
  • lathbury
    welcome will send you an inv as well mate
  • Aleraon
    Its a nice guild and always nice good to see some fresh faces join us :smile:
    (EU/AD) CP501 Razum-dah - Khajiiti Templar Healer
    (EU/AD) CP501 J'Kara Silverclaw - Khajiiti Dragonknight tank
    (EU/AD) CP501 Rajhiin - Khajiiti stamina Nightblade
    (EU/AD) CP501 Draven Corvillian - Breton magicka Nightblade
    (EU/AD) CP501 Sinderian Nightflame - High Elf magicka sorcerer
    (EU/AD) CP501 J'zargo Silverclaw - Khajiit stamina Templar
    (EU/AD) CP501 Ariella Nightshade - High Elf Magicka Nightblade
    (EU/AD) CP501 Ri'shada - Khajiit Stamina Sorcerer
    (EU/AD) LVL29 Valeon Indoril - Dark Elf Magicka Dragonknight
    *The Queen stole this one's moonsugar candies lol*
  • Zsymon
    Could you send me an invite? (@Zsymon)
  • lathbury
    sure will do
  • Yakidafi
    Got room?
    Invite @Yakidafi
    Moons and sands shall be your guide and path.
    PC EU/NA
  • lathbury
    yes inv on its way
  • lathbury
    Some guild members showing off their new mounts
  • Lazyness

    @ what time do you guys usually raid?
  • hpsb16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Hey mate, your guild seems to be the kind I am looking for. Just trying to get back into eso again and I would love an invite. My ID is @hps

    All the best,
    Edited by hpsb16_ESO on May 28, 2015 6:04PM
  • lathbury
    cool inv on its way
  • lathbury
    lazyness we usualy raid 2000 uk time on a saturday we will be adding a second day in soon for raids but as a lot of folk have shift work we are going to vote on which.
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