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Thank you guys from guild IX Kohorta.

Soul Shriven
Our guild 100+ players just finish play ESO. Most of us going playing another games.
Our players from patch1.3 day by day left the game.
Nothing chance from begining we think its just beta all time.
Lags in masive AVA and no endgame chalange its somthing we just dont want play any more.

Thank you all from Cyrodil who like us play fair and have fun times in fights.

Cya on another PVP fronts.
Edited by xardason on September 4, 2014 12:50PM
  • Knootewoot
    Can i have your stuffs

    (not to be mean of course)

    Anyway, sad to see an entire guild waving goodbye. I am glad my guild(s) are still active.
    Edited by Knootewoot on September 4, 2014 12:45PM
    "I am a nightblade. Blending the disciplines of the stealthy agent and subtle wizard, I move unseen and undetected, foil locks and traps, and teleport to safety when threatened, or strike like a viper from ambush. The College of Illusion hides me and fuddles or pacifies my opponents. The College of Mysticism detects my object, reflects and dispels enemy spells, and makes good my escape. The key to a nightblade's success is avoidance, by spell or by stealth; with these skills, all things are possible."
  • Badh0rse
    Maybe our guilds can get buried in the same virtual graveyard! Had huge numbers at launch and then the guild began to bleed members along with this damn game bleeding subs. Lost only 1 member to a trial guild ALL the rest just quit playing. The sad thing is .... I don't blame them.
  • AthCore
    Soul Shriven
    IX Kohorta is back and recruiting :)

    Polish guild recruitment info:

    IX Kohorta Polska Gildia Dojrzalych Graczy rekrutuje! Jestesmy spolecznoscia graczy z tradycjami, funkcjonujaca od 2008 roku. Organizujemy wspolne eventy PvP, PvE, konkursy! Mamy wlasny TS3, rozwinieta strona www i wiele wiecej!. Szczegoly na
  • QuadroTony
    remove topic to the proper section of the forum please
  • ZOS_CatK
    Greetings everyone!

    We have moved this thread into the appropriate section of the forums. Additionally, since your guild is recruiting again, you may want to edit the OP or open a new thread altogether. (We can close/remove this one)

    Best of luck recruiting for your guild and we are delighted to welcome you back to Tamriel!
    Edited by ZOS_CatK on May 25, 2015 10:52AM
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