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VDSA-Pierce Armor , Last arena.

Developers, get busy! Pierce Armor at the last boss VDSA is disgusting ! And absolutely not understandable is available on this skill immunity bosses on Inner Rage ? Absolutely not working.
  • Alcast
    Class Representative
    It is working. The problem is the lag. The lag causes taunt sometimes to "disappear" into nothing and the bosses go to who they hate the most.

    Its kinda like the lag "sucks" your taunt up

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  • hmr13.76preeb18_ESO
    Exactly what you said. And not so long ago in one patch was introduced immunity for bosses on Inner Rage (3 taunt for 15 seconds, the boss gains temporary immunity) against Pierce Armor so too for weapons or taunt there is no limit in number of tantalizing beats ?? Who knows ?
  • Valymer
    Since we can't even see the debuffs that we apply accurately, problems like this are bound to occur.

    Some game design, isn't it?
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