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DLC content - ESO Plus Membership

What exactly is the DLC content that they talk about in the ESO Plus membership? Thanks.
  • MissBizz
    Community Ambassador
    There is none yet, but it will be DLC when they release new zones
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  • Elsonso
    We expect Imperial City to be the first DLC. After that, look for Orsinium (orc city and surrounding zone), a Mirkmire (Black Marsh, Argonian), Clockwork City (Dwemer city, probably somewhere in Morrowind) plus a few others like Dark Brotherhood and Thieves' Guild. Not in that order, and this is not everything.

    While Imperial City can be put on the "expected soon" list, the rest are barely better than vaporware at this time.
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    @Elsonso on PC North America

  • OtarTheMad
    Aldmeri Dominion
    Althrimir- High Elf Sorcerer
    Daemog gro-Khazgur- Orc DK
    Mithllandel- Bosmer NB
    Althrimir Agarwen- High Elf NB
    Althreeza- Argonian Templar
    Maharic Laveash- High Elf Warden
    Caelia Althrilius- Imperial Sorc tank
    Jormiskr- Lowbie Magcro

    Ebonheart Pact
    Althrimir Vorsaris- High Elf Magsorc Former Emp
    Sidariath Perthro- High Elf Necromancer
    Alvika Ice-Wolf- Breton Magden
    Ermazar- Dunmer Templar
    Should Follow Meta- Nord Tankcro
    Boney-Tail- Khajiit MagDK
    Haunted Luigi Board- Khajiit Stamblade
    Syzoth Bihan- Lowbie Warden

    Daggerfall Covenant
    Toasty Tail- lowbie magblade
    Keldor Lossenor- Redguard Stamden

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