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Soul Shriven
I wanted to do my first dungeon today so in /zone I said "Level DPS 15 LF Spindleclutch". I immediately got someone that will heal or dps followed up by someone that said they can swap characters and tank. The healer asked if we're going to do all 3 skill point dungeons (I assume this means the 1st 3 starter dungeons). I said if I have the time maybe, I just want to do Spindle.

We got another dps and the healer says "port to me". I look and the entire group besides me is in Banished Cells. "What are you guys doing in Banished Cells we are doing Spindleclutch?" -Me. "We are doing the other two dungeons first in case you don't have time for Spindleclutch." -Them...

......What?.. I can't even.

Yeah I left that group instantly.
  • Calphurnious85_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    "Level 15 DPS LF Spindleclutch"*
  • Glurin
    Yeah, they were just hoping you'd stick around anyway if they did the one you wanted last. See this sort of thing a lot, unfortunately.
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  • Victus
    They should have done Spindle first, then if you didn't have time for the others they still could have gotten a replacement DPS, they aren't hard to find.
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  • Shadesofkin
    I've had it happen as my tank and my healer when I was leveling, it's an annoying habit of players who don't take the "if there's time" seriously enough.
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