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Horse Racing Competition(EP-US)

One of the many features that were promised by ZOS was to have horse races. I fancy that thought a lot and not wanting to wait much longer till this idea comes into fruition I decided to imagine nice tracks to race around. I've started conjuring these on my main char faction's main cities and in the near future I'll be to running tournaments on them.
Until that day arrives I'm posting the tracks so all interested in participating can check them out and do training runs on them. Without further ado here is Davon's Watch track:

Davon's Watch
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    Next zone:

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    One of my favorites:

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    And the other ones for EP zone with a bonus track in Couldharbour:



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    Now all you have to do is practice lots to get a hang of each track to up your chances of being the champ on this to be bimonthly event where as first prize we'll give away one gold improver for each of the hard crafts!!

    Happy training. :smile:
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