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Questions from a Beginner

Soul Shriven

games Teso only recently, so a few questions in general:

1) Main / Twinks
Does it make sense to level initially only one char or do not care?
Especially to get all storielines.

2) Crafting
just one?do not care?
Here, for just the cost micht question whether a char pulls all occupations
and the objects then the other places in the bank.

3) Bank
If you only store Mats in the bank?

4) Commercial
While I see this guild merchant, of which I can buy what (other players)
but how can I sell myself, what do i need to do?
Do I have to be in a guild?

5) Skillen
Can you skill wrong?
Did seen shrines, where you can sacrifice,
but that is worthwhile or should you initially know what you want to play in the end?

6) alliance war
At which level should ya go into the area?
With my lvl 20+ I get beatup by the NPCs already on the jaws.

7) appearance
Can this be changed?

so far now.

Thank you for constructive feedback.
  • Key33
    Hello and welcome to the forum! I will try and answer most of the questions you have.

    1) The choice is really up to you, I prefer to level one character up to max level before I decide to try another. If you reach a certain point in the game and you don't like your character though, I would by all means not hesitate to try out a new class. Also, as far as storyline goes, no matter what faction you choose you will end up questing in all 3 factions by the time you reach max level (VR14)

    2)I prefer to have a dedicated character that does all of my crafting and the rest of my characters to just grab mats and store them.

    3) I store many things in my bank, mostly mats but also gear that I might end up wanting to reuse for other characters.

    4) You can put your items up for tried by advertising in chat, but in order to post your items for sale like an "auction house", you need to be in a guild. I join multiple guilds so I have a variety of shops to look through.

    5)You can go wrong when choosing your skills, especially when you morph your abilities. You can also go wrong with your character attributes (health magicka stam). I like to have an idea of what type of build I want to do before I start plugging skills in. The good news is that you can in fact reset both skills and attributes, but that can get expensive, especially late in the game.

    6) I'm not too experienced in pvp yet.

    7) It cant be changed currently, but might be introduced into the game at a later time.
  • Snoopsy
    For #6, you can enter PvP at level 10; however, don't expect to be competitive until you have two bars that each have a well constructed skill set on both. Of course, if you have ranged attacks you can just follow a large group around. (At level 20, I just ran in the back and spammed venom arrow to interrupt spell casters). It would also be a good idea to have some sort of self-heal, as it could be frustrating to have to wait for someone to revive you. There are also non-veteran campaigns you can join.
  • boese13b16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks for the feedback so far.
  • jaibierwb17_ESO
    1) Doesn't matter. You will play through the other factions at VR levels anyway.

    2) I do them all personally because I like to be self reliant for gear. It's a good idea to break everything you collect down as you go anyway so you can level your skills, but usually you don't have enough skill points to do much until endgame

    3) Store whatever you want in the bank. It fills quickly though until you are at max size

    4) as above. I'm in 1 social/PVE guild and 4 trading guilds. You can also go direcet to other guild traders. It's worthwhile using an addon such as master merchant to check prices - I usually deactivate this while playing because it is memory intensive.

    5) While levelling you can't skill wrong - you can reskill at anytime and at endgame you will have plenty of gold. Try to level every skill to at least morph point. The best skills and morphs do change as ZoS often rebalances, so aim to have everything levelled.

    6)Any level you want. Obviously it will be harder at lower levels but there are non vet campaigns

    7) Not currently, maybe in the future, but will probably cost crowns

  • RazzPitazz
    90% of this game is letterally play how you want though trial and error. You shouldn't worry about messing up until Vet levels. If you find something isnt working atm just gain some skill points and put them in something else to try out. Your first run through is learning the game through playing, after that you will know waaaaaay more on what to do than you do now. Just enjoy it for the moment, take in the story and the scenery, then later you can worry about all that s*** you REALLY want to do lol.
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  • Ikasugami
    To # 1 I would say create a few different characters that you think you would be interested in playing so you can try them out and then decide what you want to be your main. It does make sense to get a character (any character) up to vet levels first because your other characters to benefit from that. Plus having the extra cash you can give to your other characters when you decide to play those also is nice. :)
  • kijima

    Q1.) Does it make sense to level initially only one char or do not care?

    Yes, it makes good sense. You'll find most players have finished the game's content with one character, the rest of their toons usually grind.

    Q2.) Crafting, just one?do not care?

    The more the merrier, crafting takes up valuable skill points. Better off to have several toons to do specific crafting, or have dedicated crafters, plus you'll get mats from hirelings.

    Q3.) Bank, If you only store Mats in the bank?

    Sure, why not.

    Q4.) how can I sell myself, what do i need to do?

    Need to be in a guild/

    Q5.) Can you skill wrong? but that is worthwhile or should you initially know what you want to play in the end?

    There are always some skills you need, others you can rotate out. ESO is always evolving.

    Q6.) At which level should ya go into the area?
    With my lvl 20+ I get beatup by the NPCs already on the jaws.

    A Level 20 in Blackwater Blade (non vet campaign) would be fine.

    Q7.) appearance, Can this be changed?

    Nope, at this stage it's a one time deal so spend the time in appearance creation if you are fussy.

    Been here since Round IV Beta - You'd think I'd be half reasonable at this game by now...
  • Hayhurst
    1) Main / Twinks
    With your first character I'd recommend just enjoying the game. Enjoy the enviroment, the voice acting, the gameplay, the quests and then for all future characters you can just speed through the game and grind your way to max level.

    2) Crafting
    I mastered all crafts on my first main and still had enough skill points to go around. I'd level Blacksmithing, Clothing and Woodworking to 50 on one character and not worry about it on further ones. Alchemy and Provisioning is something that can be valuable and easily leveled on every character.

    3) Bank
    I only store materials in the bank for all my crafts. It's completely up to you how you use your bank but store materials for crafting in there you can never really go wrong.

    4) Commercial
    When exploring and mostly in major cities you'll see "Guild Traders" you can use these to buy items from players selling them in that specific guild. To sell your items you can do this in either [/Zone] chat or by joining a trading guild and listing your items in there own Guild Store.

    5) Skillen - Can you skill wrong?
    Abilities constantly get buffed, nerfed and reworked. Just pick whatever abilities seem cool at the time, if you find something doesn't work as well as you'd like it too later on you can always reset your skills. Don't worry so much about it early game.

    6) Alliance War - At which level should ya go into the area?
    Whatever level you feel comfortable is the only real answer.

    7) Appearance - Can this be changed?
    Currently, no. I've heard of plans of something going into the Crown Store which will allow you to return to the Character Customization screen.
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  • Pheefs
    1)Yes, it makes sense to level up one character at a time... if you are interested in the narrative story, at least as far as the Main Quest.

    2) do you like the crafting? do the crafting you like! all my characters craft some of their own equipment & provisioner is a good way to turn worthless ingredients into money.

    3)Yes, mostly crafting materials in my bank... trait metals & motif metals & alchemy ingredients & runes, and I spent the gold to upgrade it a few times.

    4) YES! you have to be in a guild to sell anything, or to use a guild bank! Join one guild for commerce and one for adventuring.

    5)YES! you can spend points on skills you wish you didn't! ...but there's lots of points out there you get from finding skyshards or finishing quests, don't worry about it too much.

    6)Alliance War, below veteran levels you will have more fun defending keeps and taking scouting missions than trying to join in the middle of combat... & have fun practice with siege engines!

    7)not YET, but its a common request here on the forums and may already be on its way!

    good luck & have fun!
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