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A Prophetic Vision (Short and for the lulz)

Soul Shriven
"I SEE IT, I SEE IT ALL BEFORE ME." Says the Prophet, as she it taken to the new Emperor, the first of many in this game of who-ever-kills-gets-crown. She had been raving mad around the castle to the point that the Emperor wishes to see her.
"Speak, Seer. What do you s-"
"EVERYTHING!" She replied frantically.
"I SEE THE 10th ERA! The end of days will come then! Five men will lead a band that will cover the world in Metal!"
"Two Nords and Three Imperials!"
"A band?" Asked the Emperor as he drank his Elf-Crushed-Wine-Of-The-Pompus.
"YES! They shall cover the world. Cover it in Metal."
"Metal?" He asked again, like a ninny.
"Not literally - with sound. A type of sound called 'Metal' that will bring about the Apocalypse.. No, even worse.."
"The Metalocalypse."
"Natham Eruption, Sxwissthar Elfsar, Ikot Angrymouth, Vampireface, and Gourds. They will be the ones to destroy the world!"

( Just thought I'd make something silly. It's been in my head for a little bit. Thought yall might like it. )
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