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[US] One Eight Seven Recruiting for PvE/PvP/Trading

Check out our website @ www.OneEightSeven.Enjin.Com
Our Twitch channel @ www.Twitch.TV/187RIPgaming

One Eight Seven is a end game raid content guild. Our guild members come from numerous MMO's with US top rankings in hardcore raids that will bring a lot of knowledge and experience to any MMO. We are always looking to recruit any MMO raider with end game experience. With Over 500 current members, we have a strong PvE presence in the community for any hardcore or casual player

Despite the large sized guild, our players are impressively tight-knit. We all know and enjoy playing with each other. Through strength and resilience, One Eight Seven leads by example. We want players who take pride in being a part of our team.

One Eight Seven is lead by Fear the Insane. Along side a strong core, we provide a lucrative environment for any aspiring hardcore gamer. We currently use Team Speak 3 as our VoIP.

If you are interested in joining, feel free to apply on the website or message questions to Fear_The_Insane.
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