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This is the official discussion thread for the web article, "Guild Spotlight - AllianceQC."

Read all about this multi-alliance French Canadian guild in our latest issue!
Jason Leavey
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  • nimander99
    Yet another foreign guild :p

    PAWS (Positively Against Wrip-off Stuff) - Say No to Crown Crates!

    ∽∽∽ 2 years of Elder Scrolls Online ∼∼∼
    "Give us money" = Box sales & monthly sub fees,
    "moar!" = £10 palomino horse,
    "MOAR!" = Switch to B2P, launch cash shop,
    "MOAR!!" = Charge for DLC that subs had already paid for,
    "MOAR!!!" = Experience scrolls and riding lessons,
    "MOARR!!!" = Vampire/werewolf bites,
    "MOAARRR!!!" = CS exclusive motifs,
    "MOOAARRR!!!" = Crown crates,
    "MOOOAAARRR!!!" = 'Chapter's' bought separately from ESO+,
    "MOOOOAAAARRRR!!!!" = ???

    Male, Dunmer, VR16, Templar, Aldmeri Dominion, Master Crafter & all Traits, CP450
  • rendolpheb16_ESO
    Yep a nice guild.

    I leave here a video on how this multi faction alliance finish the meeting last week ...
    Edited by rendolpheb16_ESO on April 29, 2015 9:02PM
    For Templar PvP video check my youtube channel
  • MaxBlast
    The idea was exactly this : kill each others for a fast respawn at the oratory.

    We like to fight each others during Alliance-Arena : an organised duels PVP !
    Edited by MaxBlast on April 30, 2015 8:54PM
    Rejoignez L'Alliance, guilde Franco-Québécoise ! Ajoutez-moi dans vos contacts en jeu ...
  • Daem0nus
    Soul Shriven
    I'm proud, as a Concil member of ''l'Unité du Pacte'', to be a part of this Guild.

    Our Jester did a geat job too, so much confusion... I'm sure that Uncle Sheo is pleased mouhahaha !
  • MaxBlast
    The Alliance like the members of Unité du Pacte !
    ''Don't worry and be happy'' is their entire let motiv ;)
    Rejoignez L'Alliance, guilde Franco-Québécoise ! Ajoutez-moi dans vos contacts en jeu ...
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