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Asmyr - A guild for soloists!

Asmyr has recently started and we are looking for members!

The basic principle is that we focus on letting you get on with your solo adventuring (No organised raids, dungeons or PVP) you just play the game how you want to play it. Adventuring solo!

But for those times when you need an extra pair of hands (or claws) we are here to back you up.
If you need something crafted and don't have the required skills, we will help you out.

But when you just want to be left alone to get on with your questing. No problem!

We focus mostly on newer players or players that would not ordinarily socialise.

Send a mail in-game to @Trevize2888 and I will respond with a guild invite as soon as I can.

No ties or problems if you change your mind either. We're nice people here!

EDIT: We have decided to randomly send out treats for all members when they are available. This will start out as Food and Beverages and (As we grow in size) will become crafting supplies, glyphs and eventually items.

Think of it as a thank-you for helping each other out and just a small in-game RP token for being part of the guild!
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Send a message to @Trevize2888 if you want to join The Asmyr soloists guild. Information here
  • zFireWyvern
    Soul Shriven
    I like this idea, good job! Might send along a message at some point!
  • Trevize2888
    Would be good to have you.

    We are literally just starting so only on 7 members at the moment but hopefully we can build a core of "solo" players to help each other out as needed.
    Send a message to @Trevize2888 if you want to join The Asmyr soloists guild. Information here
  • Gidorick
    Sounds like the guild for me! I have just NOT done dungeons because it requires a group.

    I have suggested we get hirable companions ( but this guild sounds like a good alternative ZOS implements the hirable NPC companions next never. :wink:

    I'd love to join!
    What ESO really needs is an Auction Horse.
    That's right... Horse.
    Click HERE to discuss.

    Want more crazy ideas? Check out my Concept Repository!
  • Trevize2888
    @Gidorick Apologies I have been without internet these last few days. Did you send a request in game/have I approved it and has the guild been working for you (And others?)
    Send a message to @Trevize2888 if you want to join The Asmyr soloists guild. Information here
  • Seguri_Valius
    Soul Shriven
    Hey Trevize2888,

    I've sent you a mail ingame asking for an invitation. :smile:

    I played a lot of mmorpg's before but ESO is the first I purchased in the last 4-5 years and I must say I like it A LOT! :smiley:

    I'm playing very casual now in general and besides D3 there was not much that could keep my attention very long the last few years but it seems I finally found something that's going to change that. I hope I'm not mistaken but I have a feeling that this game is one I'm going to play for a very long time. Only possibly with a pauze now and then and you're also not going to find me online every single day of the week. Just so you know before I join.

    Besides that and with all the stuff you mentioned above I'm sure this is going to be a guild for me. Casual, no one is forcing you to do something, play solo mainly, group now and then to help others or myself, chat now and then while adventuring, ask questions and andswer them whenever possible, trade goods and craft for guildies, etc. I like all of that!

    Well, hopefully I can join. :smile:
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