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Can this engine do this?

So to preface this, I don't have any graphics/programming/coding expertise. I just like reading a lot of techy stuff about computers. Kinda have to if your building your own and wonder..."Why does this video card cost $1,000? What makes it so special? What is the actual tech that makes it so much better and cost more than this other one for $500?

Anyway, my question to the devs is if this engine is capable of performing occlusion? Because I think many of us are tired of setting up siege only to have our entire screen blocked by the tree or structure that happens to be sitting behind us. Personally, my scroll forward is tied to my "use synergy". So I don't have the luxury of being able to scroll in and out as some players might. Also, if I adjust my stance to the side of the siege weapon, the view is the same!!! C'mon now, there has to be a way to make that view different!

The second part of this is about the lag in Cyodiil. I've seen other games that "phase in" players as you get closer to them if there is a lot going on out at the edge of your view distance. Like only being able to see as far as your headlights in dense fog. Could be called the fog of war too I suppose. I like the vast view distance we have now, and I'm sure that way back when, you Dev's decided to leave it that way. However, maybe it's time to re-think drawing a character 500 or 1000 feet away. Or at least significantly dropping the pixel density of that toon and terrain so far way out there. Having the server calculate all that to show to us in real time might be part of the reason it's performing so poorly. I think some pvp'ers wouldn't mind losing some graphic beauty to gain less lag and improved responsiveness.
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