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Looking For Guild (EU AD PC)

Hi I'm looking to join a guild to extend my game experience.
I'm looking for a bigger guild with allot of active players in trading as well as in PvE.
I would like a guild who are mature and just a fun bunch of people willing to help with problems, questions and other things.
Off course I will do the same for them!
  • Titansteele
    Please check us out, the details are in my signature.
    Guild Leader of The Twelve Knights, AD PVE, PVP and Trading Guild on the EU Mega Server

    "That which does not kill us makes us stronger"
  • AUTUMNcore
    Please check us out, the details are in my signature.

    Seems like you have the perfect guild I'm looking for! I registered on the site and filled out the app form, hope to hear you soon!
  • Accident_Pr0ne
    *****Rusty Gold Weapons*****
    Tired playing on your own?...Join us!! RGW is a social guild for mature players (21+)In AD fraction, playing PVP and PVE useing Teamspeak3. Many male and female joined our nice guild already. Whisper me for an invite or visit our website Tired playing on your own?...Join us!!*****************

    Regards @Accident_Pr0ne
    “Rusty Old Weapons”
    We are active in the EU server.
    ROW is a guild for mature players, men and women in the age of 30 40 and 50 or older.
    Feel free to visit our websit
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