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when is beta over

Is there a release date ?
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  • Soulac
    We left alpha?
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  • xMovingTarget
    Soulac wrote: »
    We left alpha?

  • Sacadon
    Valnas wrote: »
    Is there a release date ?

  • Keron
    posting in a legendary thread.

    Also: IBTL
  • C0pp3rhead
    I've heard there were some issues on the production side of things. Not sure when the beta will end/game will be released.

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  • Lhorion
    They fixed the camerabug after repairing a wall! Hope! Hope for leaving this beta after more than one year!
  • DeLindsay
    ZoS decided a long time ago to break the mold when they chose to create ESO. They didn't want it to be another "WoW Clone" and after long hours of brainstorming realized that all casual gamers are jealous of people who are game testers. They then decided to design a game that was permanently in testing mode with constant problems, broken abilities/Classes, completely unfinished game mechanics, etc, just to see the reactions they would get from Players. The testing session is ongoing and results will be in within the next few years as to whether this new MMO design "worked" in the eyes of the developers.
  • ZOS_AlexD
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