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Official Discussion Thread for "ESO Live's Next Episode: 4/24"

This is the official discussion thread for the web article, "ESO Live's Next Episode: 4/24."

Tune into tomorrow's new episode of our biweekly Twitch livestream for giveaways, news, and a look at ESOTU on console!
Jason Leavey
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  • Elfdominion4
    When the first DLC is being released ?????????????
  • Cogo
    One minor question.

    Is the liveshow tonight only dedicated to ESO on consoles? Where does ESO on PC slot in?
    Any roadmap? "Backlog" or features/content for ESO on PC.. "Soon"?

    The 15GB (aprox) patch on Console launch. Is this only for Consoles? If so, any content that will only be on Consoles and not on PC?
    Edited by Cogo on April 24, 2015 11:29AM
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  • James-Wayne
    Hardly any questions so far, hopefully it stays that way so the chance of mine being answered are higher... right the questions!

    1) Is it possible in the future to open up grouping to dungeons/adventure zones/trials etc with other factions to increase the chances of finding a group for trials, play with friends etc In my timezone it's really hard. If it's a server/technical thing as to why you can't just tell us, no hard feelings. Just would like to know if its possible and if its something the team may add to their list in the future.

    2) Playable Content! As its hard for some of us to find groups any chance in getting new solo content anytime soon? Before console? After console? Simple answers are fine IE No comment, better then ignoring anyway.

    3) Next stage of the Justice system, any new details you can share? Like the next stage for launch, the PvP stuff.

    I have a feeling this is a console episode so will throw it a console question too incase the others don't get answered:

    4) Any news on when we can start the digital downloading on Xbox One seeing its a hefty 50-70gig, I'm going to need to do it over two months worth of data allowances due to the little amount they give us. If you only allow us say the week before, I'm in trouble unless you plan on sending out more beta keys...

    5) ...are their any more beta keys coming in the weeks ahead or is this a one off beta event?

    That's it for now, keep up the awesome work!!
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  • Ghrimn
    1) Factions as they are in ESO don't seem to have a great importance out of Cyrodiil, so my questions are: Is Open-World PvP between factions something you plan for the future ? And will I ever be able to visit enemy territory as an enemy ? right now we can only experience enemy factions as if we were a part of said faction, If I'm an EP member I want to feel like I'm in danger when walking through AD or DC territory.

    2)This is more of a request than of a question but, Dragons in TES aren't the common fire breathing beast we see in other games/movies, they use an ancient power called the Thu'um and with it are able to use many different shouts. Since Dragonknights say their powers emulate those of the dragons and since there is a lack of Frost magic in ESO compared to Fire and Shock, would it be possible to have an option that enables us to change the look and effect of some attacks the Dragonknights have (Something like you did with the destruction staves, same spell, but different look and effect) that way, frost, one of the 3 main destruction elements, would be as prominent as the other two elements and the Dragonknights would have a greater resemblance to Dragons.

    Thank you, and keep up the good work !
    Edited by Ghrimn on April 24, 2015 5:25PM
  • Puupi

    1) Any plans on adding new player classes to the game? If so, when?

    2) Any plans on adding new weapons to the game? Especially a melee spellweapon would be nice. Some kind of spellblade or something. Or are there plans to add magicka morphs to the current weapons? That would work also.

    3) Are VR levels getting removed before the console launch?
  • locomolarry
    Are there any plans to release a saddled wolf for us dog lovers? I suggest a big wolf.......silver blue in color with glowing sky blue eyes that has a special ability to spot enemies at nite in the game. Please, please, please. Yes, I am begging.
    Hopefully you have designers who are dog lovers also.
    Thanks from sunny Florida,
    aka Woody for Hire
    aka Larry Bowen
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