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Searching for PvP Guild

So i played that game in the Beta and i realized the Elder Scrolls would be my next awesome PvP Game.

This Huge PvP map. soooo many abilites to get different styles of pvp in different sizes and places ! B)

But after server start i was overwhelmed by this massive PVE contend which eso created.

well done guys ...

But PVP is the way to go !

I did a few month break.
Now i am back again !

What i am looking for :

- teamplay via voice coms (ts or others)
- daily PvP Content / at least 20+ player active in eu prime ( 2000-2400 )
- connection PvP/PvE in Cyrodiil // i had nice fihgts while doing some quests/dungeons there

What i have :

- the pure love in PvP ;)
- Since i am 33 years old with wife, kids and all the stuff called reallife... i know how to behave ;)
- i used to be content creator in other PvP games (eve online )
- teamplayer ! sologaming is boring...

My ingame Characters are not max levled.

i have a sorcerer v4, nighblade v6 and dragonknight lvl 25 on EP

Still searching for my favourite skilllcombination.

If there is a useful pvp guild on another team.. i have no porblem with starting new characters to fit into that guild !
Btw. I am german !! so german speaking guild would be nice... but there are no problems with english speaking

If u have any questions just go ahead and write them down


  • spacy1201eb17_ESO
    So there is no english speaking PvP guild searching for new member ?
  • LameoveR
    All pvp guilds now lagging at pvp. Come back later. :p
  • spacy1201eb17_ESO
    cant believe there are no pvp focused guildes in that Game !!

    Still hoping someone to speak up
  • spacy1201eb17_ESO
    still cant see the reason there is no repsonse on that thread. pvp maps are allways full filled with player. they all doing solo stuff in random groups ??
  • Madness1
    Yeah, unfortunately that's how it seems to be. Although why not take a look at OUR GUILD, it's not PVP based, but more based around our new found freedom in the legacy system.

    It's a cross-faction guild but I and a bunch of others are EP so I and a bunch of others would gladly do some PVE/PVP with you, just send us a message in the chat and I can almost guarantee you a response as we're often rather sociable.

    We also often do events that revolve around PVP every week or so.
    Edited by Madness1 on April 18, 2015 3:18PM
    What is the color of night?
    What is the color of the fox?
    Hail Sithis.
  • Jitterbug
    Ruben has the Daggerfall PvP Masters

    You should probably join.

    I don't have his forum name so hit him up in game @rubenhoi
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