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Looking for a fun community guild to join (EP)

Soul Shriven
Hi there, i am nbuotoo. I'm English, 37 years old and i really love this game! i just started playing about 10 days ago although i did beta test. The subscription thing kept me from jumping in right away, like a lot of people i imagine.
So, im looking for a relaxed, fun community to get involved with. For me gaming is just as much about the game as it is the social aspect - getting to know people and having a blast on a great game, and lots of laughs! to this end im looking for a guild with a lively voice comms server with fun, veteran (thats code for older players like myself) gamers who dont mind helping out a noob (me).
Im looking for a guild that can teach me how to pvp in this game, personally im a bit of a pvp junky. But what would i bring to your guild? well... ive been told that im quite a funny guy but besides that i am a very team orientated kind of player.
As always the golden rule, real life comes first - means that my play time is limited to a few hours most nights and if work/wife/kids allow, some decent sessions on the weekends.
If this sounds like your guild, and i sound like i could fit in with you, please pm me in game or reply here. @nbu2 is my in game handle. Id prefer to have a chat on your voice comms server before joining though.

Edited by nbuotoo on April 15, 2015 9:27PM
  • SirCritical
    We don't have a voice comm feature (yet), but we are chatty and helpful. You should read about us, if you didn't refuse the shadowy ways... :)
    Edited by SirCritical on April 15, 2015 5:52PM
  • nbuotoo
    Soul Shriven
    ooh, actually i started doing some dastardly deeds last night, a lot of fun! you guys are DC right? i'll be in touch because im thinking of making a real thief character from scratch.
    Edited by nbuotoo on April 15, 2015 9:18PM
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