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[Guide] The Omega Templar Leveling Build by Deltia's Gaming

@Deltia has been hard at work to bring us a guide for leveling new templar characters.

The Omega Templar is a light armor wearing, dual fire destro staff wielding powerhouse that relies mostly on the Templar class skill lines and a little from the destro and Mage's guild lines.

Check out the build here: Omega Templar Leveling Guide

Stormproof: Vibeke - 50 EP mDragonknight | Savi Dreloth - 50 EP Magsorc | Sadi Dreloth - 50 EP Magblade | Sigtric Stormaxe - 50 EP Stamsorc | Valora Dreloth - 50 EP Magplar | Sigtric the Unbearable 50 EP Stam Warden
Scrub: Chews-on-Beavers - 50 EP DK Tank | Vera the Wild - 50 EP magicka Warden | Sigtric the Axe - 50 EP Dragonknight Crafter | Sigtric the Blade - 50 EP Lost Nightblade | Sigtric the Savage - 50 EP magicka Templar | Vibeka Shadowblade - 50 Ep Stealthy Ganky Nightblade |

Show Me Your Dunmer
  • Sandmanninja
    Deltia rocks! Great videos
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    THIS IS A NEW-BUT-GROWING GUILD. We are focused on doing vet pledges, vet dungeons, getting achieves, & doing hard mode bosses.
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    Pst/email for info/invites.
  • originalbars
    Good video, will use it!
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