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Player Feedback and Suggestions for the Crown Store/Collectibles Window

So there's a few of these threads in existence but hey, you can never have too much healthy discussion so I'm gonna make one too. Anyone can post in this thread with ideas, hopes & dreams, suggestions, comments, so on and so forth, so please do.
1. Upgraded mount features being selectable: I know I'm not the only one, yet maybe most people don't care, but this is something I'd like to see in the collectibles tab. In the mount section should be three icons: saddle straps, armor, saddlebags. This can he checked off as to whether you want them shown, exactly like everything else in the collectible tab, and would obviously be unlocked upon reaching that level in the riding skill. I personally don't like having my mounts covered in stuff, and as a sneaky thief guy, what purpose would I have to armor up my horse? The only thing would be that its per character not per account, which isn't that big of a deal.
2. What I DO NOT WANT to see in the crown store: any ridiculous stuff, particularly mounts and costumes, that break the lore. Nightmare courser? Meh. Its borderline. A skilled mage could summon that from oblivion. Everyone in wayrest riding dragons and mammoths? No. Santa clause costumes? No. There is sooooooooooo much lore-abiding content you could put into this store that people would eat up. Endless possibilities, you just have to do it ZOS. Most of these things are really only important to the roleplaying community, so you'd be wise to listen to what they have to say about what should and shouldn't be in the store.
3. What I DO want to see in the crown store: costumes that are of a unique appearance. The draugr polymorph, blacksmith, chef, and wedding dress costumes are such items because you can't look that way any other way than the costume. All the pack costumes (knights, thieves, etc.) are made of clothing we can make. Its not new or exciting, we can already make that stuff and look that way if we choose to.
4. Crown store item: disguise template. These would be items that you buy blank, are bound, and upon activation open a UI that let's you equip it with armor just like you do to your character. This armor can be pre-dyed or the disguise itself can be dyed again after you have set it how you want. Blank spaces would mean that that slot is invisible. (I.e. if I leave the head slot open, my equipped headpiece will not show while wearing this disguise, and so on. Subject to change because none of us want naked trolls running around fighting with us). This ties in with number 3 because if you did make this, I guarantee they would sell like hotcakes. People would buy several of them each so there's your profit. And now your sneak thief, knight, and other costume packs are obsolete. So what do you do? Follow the advice from #3 and continue to make badass unique appearance costumes. Easy day.
5. Fix the dogs. Make the dogs look better please. They run really stupidly and when they're not running, they're constantly panting and looking ready to drop dead. The bottom half of their jaw is too thin so it looks like a piece of paper flapping endless beneath their muzzle.
6. Pet emote. So pets are pretty boring and lame, and they need some sort of interaction. Honestly the whole pet system should be revamped, but at a minimum my suggestion is a pet emote. Whenever you have a pet equipped, using the /pet command will cause it to do 1 of 3 or 4 actions specific to that pet like bark, chase its tail, you get the idea.
7. Personal wishlist: welwa mount. They're in craglorn and they're pretty cool. They're bigger than a senche so I don't see why not. Armored husky pets. For those of you who played the Dawnguard DLC in skyrim, there were two husky followers named Bran and Sceolang that had leather armor and were basically the coolest things. Weapon overrides that would be specific to weapon type. (You can't use a bow override while wielding a sword). Spell polymorph: this is an idea that would be pretty cool to implement, basically it changes the color of all the spell effects a player uses. One I was thinking of would be a necromancer override that changes all of your spell effects to a bluish-green undead appearance.
That's it for me (for now), anyone else?
  • Raktar
    Soul Shriven
    I'm totally agree with you. Mainly for the welwa mount ! *_* (really badass for an orc ;) )
    Edited by Raktar on April 14, 2015 2:12PM
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