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Deja Vu - 'Oldies' Community is looking for merry members [PvE-PvP-RP]


Déjà vu, from French, literally "already seen", is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has been experienced in the past, whether it has actually happened or not.

Deja Vu is a community for the game The Elder Scrolls: Online.
We play on the European Megaserver.
We are 'mostly' UK players but will consider anyone that speaks English.
We merged with the all female guild 'Femmes Fatales' so we are very welcoming to female players!
We have a guild tabard.
We have a guild bank.
We are multi faction.

- Founded specially for Elder Scrolls: Online on 04-04-2014

- Currently we have 24 members as we had a clear out of inactive members and would like to build our ranks again!
- Average age of the community is about 38 years young
- We don't make use of a voicechat because we love that lively feeling of the chatbox :wink:
- We invite you to visit our Facebook page for more information:



We aim to establish a community that plays to relax, socialise and have fun, while exploring Tamriel -
a community for players who may have families, responsibilities and a life outside the digital world of the Elder Scrolls: Online that may interrupt gameplay at inconvenient times.

We are what you might call an 'Oldies' community. This means that the minimum age of our members is 25 years old. You can never be too old though. Our oldest member is 65 (so far!).

We encourage generosity and socializing over personal gain. This includes helping with advice, crafting and questing to help everyone gain their achievements.



Our community is a democracy and every one of our members is an equal participant, though we do implement a ranking system to keep everything organized. Members are welcome to help with events and recruitment. We value any constructive suggestions that might help us grow into a better community.




We enjoy a great variety of things to do in-game.
Questing, as well as group or solo adventuring and some PvP at times to get the 'Ole blood flowing.
Our members also organise and lead RP adventures. We hope to engage in raiding from time to time, but it is important to stress that we are not a raiding guild. Advancement is very much at your own pace, learning as you go.

So, if your goal is to join a guild that will turn you from zero to hero in no time, this might not be the guild for you.



Role-playing is not mandatory to be a member of Deja Vu but if you do have a desire to get involved with role-playing, even at a basic level, we have members that are looking forward to participate. We have been active role-players in previous MMO's (Lord of the Rings: Online - World of Warcraft p.e.) and we are looking forward to the possibilities in Elder Scrolls: Online.
Our flexible approach ensures that we can accommodate and support beginners as well as more experienced role-players.

Events are announced in-game and on Facebook, and you can also sign up for them there.



We use our Facebook for recruitment If you are interested in joining us please inquire via Facebook, PM via this forum, reply to this thread or in game ( @Zennor @Earthstar). Please be patient though, we're not the youngest of players so getting back to you might take a little time *smiles*

We deliberately keep our numbers manageable to ensure that we get to know everyone properly. This helps build exceptional levels of loyalty and commitment. Therefore, the quality of our members is vital to ensure we maintain a mature and friendly attitude.


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