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Need help Dark Reaper Nightblade Build

Soul Shriven
Hi All im returning to ESO after being gone for a while. I wanted to find a good dark reaper nightshade build due to its good healing properties to self heal but everything is for a level 50 and since ive restarted as a khajit nightblade at lvl 8 i wanted to hav a low level skill guide on what skills to choose so i dont have to respec when i get to 20 or 50
any help?
  • iliatha
    Stamina Morph of Nightblade Finisher heals pretty good, other good heals are mark target, 2h Rally Self-Buff or if you play magicka Funnel health / Sap Essence, also could use Resto Staff on one bar. Content from lev 1 to v14 isnt that hard that you would need anything else. All Quests, Dolmen & Worlbosses are solo doable with that kind of heals. Respeccing isnt a problem too, you should have enough money and you will max out every skill very easily while doing about a thousand quests etc =)
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  • roses1241
    Right now I run DW twin blade/rapid strikes/killers blade with reapers mark and what used to be incapacitate.
    I never have to use health potions when i'm against a mob of 2 or 3 due to the massive self healing
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