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Extremely slow load times...

For example, it's been loading Spindleclutch for over 5 mins now. I know that it is over 5 minutes because I didn't get terribly annoyed until 5 minutes ago. Granted it's the first time I've tried to enter (pretty sure my group has given up on me by now). I've noticed some areas load faster the more I play, so is it downloading as you go?

FTR, yes my PC can handle it, unless it's gotten majorly worse since Beta. No changes, processor usage runs around 35%, occasional spikes to 55% or so, so any advice?
  • Glurin
    I've noticed that after a patch or on the first visit to someplace, there is a very significant increase in loading time. And yes, we're talking five minutes or longer. So you're not alone.

    Unfortunately, my only solution thus far has been to simply wait for it to finish doing whatever it is it's doing.
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  • DevilsRonin
    Soul Shriven
    I think its a bug or something. I can only stand loading screens for about a minute, so props to your guys patience.

    Anyways, if it takes longer then a minute for me to load, I close game and re-launch. Usually, as soon as I re-enter game, I am right where I was trying to get into.

    Another odd thing I've noticed are the random load screens that pop up when you're just running around doing normal stuff. They usually disappear after a few seconds, but sometimes I have to re launch game on those too.
  • Makiaveli
    I think what's happening is it's loading files that weren't included in the base download. Would account for what we are seeing.

    As to Devil, sounds like when he comes back, he's already grabbed some of the info so it takes less time, especially if it's the 2nd or 3rd attempt.

    Things seem to have settled down, so it may be that I have gotten all the less common textures etc.
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