[REQ] afk text notification "typing ...."

In City of Heroes, you used to be able to set the afk text bubble above your head to come on as soon as you hit Enter to type something, so you could set a little bubble to appear above your head notifying others that you were typing while you were typing (e.g. "Hang on a sec, thinking ..."). Is there a similar possibility for this game?

I think it would be very useful because there are often times when you're out in the wilds and meet someone, but you never know what they're doing (other than if they're looking in inventory or whatever, which is a nice touch). This kind of thing would be a good feedback, so you'd know "ah, maybe this fellow is going to say something to me, maybe they want to team up" - so you'd lessen the thing of people just scurrying off in their separate directions without communicating.

Just as a general point for discussion, it continues to amaze me how recent MMOs have paid so little attention to getting grouping right. Somehow, it has to be easy and quick to form groups or join them, but without it necessarily being an automated system. I think part of it is that leading has to be almost a little mini-game in itself, i.e. not enough attention has been paid to the thing of forming a group. There has to be some ease to it, and some tiny bit of reward (in terms of feeling good) otherwise people aren't going to bother - it's already quite a leap to get the courage to do it, so it has to be encouraged. MMOs just aren't doing that nowadays.
  • Ayantir

    This is impossible for now.
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  • gurugeorgey
    Ayantir wrote: »

    This is impossible for now.

    Thanks - awww, sorry to hear :(

  • Arunei
    This would be really nice if they'd edit the API to allow it. When I was a few levels lower, I farmed Kwama in Lady Llarel's Shelter to get my WW rank leveled. I ran it so many times I know by heart where all the chests spawn; I can't tell you how many times I've tried to tell others that a chest they'd overlooked was available, only for the person/people to run off before I could finish typing to get their attention.
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