Can we get confirmation that VR level Werewolf Hide Jacks have been removed from loot drops?

I've been searching for the chest piece to this set for weeks now. There are dozens if not hundreds for literally every other piece in the set except for the chest, of which there are none above the level 30's range. Even farming in Cyrodil delves has yielded none. I can only conclude that the Werewolf Hide Jack (VR level) has been removed from the game loot tables. Can you please confirm whether or not this is the case, and whether or not the drop rate is bugged since it appears to be more rare than water in the desert.
  •  pvpaddict42
    Still looking for confirmation on the status of this item.
  • Beesting
    Mmm waiting for the set to become usefull and then i will sell the few chests i have for 250 k each :wink:
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    Every major patch looks like the end of the world but somehow i just cannot stop playing.
  • ThatNeonZebraAgain
    Probably a bug. Footman's shield stopped dropping sometime last fall and they just now fixed it. Everyone assumed they had removed it from the game, but nope, just a low priority bug.
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