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Playing from China - Any way to keep it under 250ms?

Hey there,

I'm an expat that due to work is based in China now (near Hong Kong). I currently use Battleping with "ok" results to play between 250/300ms ping. Are there any other players in this forum that can achieve lower latencies than these? If so, how? For normal PVE is more than ok, It's just annoying in PVP where I've already lost a couple of fights where I shouldn't due to missed attacks, failed blocks/dodges and so on.

Any tip is welcome :)
  • KanedaSyndrome
    I'm afraid as soon as you begin to connect to other continents etc. you'll receive pings of about 200-300ms. Sometimes if you're lucky you can get 150ms. It really comes down to the distance due to information travelling at most at the speed of light, but also a delay everytime data packages goes through relay/switching equipment. The relay/switching equipment component of the ping is the main contributor to the higher ping though. The speed of information travel in fiber cables comes down to dielectric properties of the medium of the cable.

    Pretty much it's a case of atlantic ping, even though in this case it isn't over the atlantic (probably), but it has the same effect due to the distance.
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