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How do you play with friends? Specifically goup leader, scaling, and loot drops in dungeons

Soul Shriven
Could someone please explain how the mechanics of grouping with players of differing levels works?

A couple of friends and I are a bit confused on how to play together so that everyone can benefit and have fun whether we're questing or going through group dungeons.

They're playing characters at levels like 23 and 30, while I just rejoined the game a few days ago and am only at level 14.
-With me as leader the others don't seem to get loot drops at all, and fighting is a little too easy for everyone.
-With our highest leveled friend as leader, sometimes we MIGHT get loot, and creatures are way too hard for most of us.

I thought it was supposed to average the level of the creatures or something so that they weren't too hard or too easy for everyone. And isn't loot supposed to be scaled to your level?

Thanks for your help advanced. We appreciate any feedback/suggestions.

  • ArielleJureaux
    I am not sure about this, but from what I understand, the dungeon scales to the group leader. If a character in your group is more than 3 levels above the level of the enemies, then they do not gain experience points for killing them. That would explain why loot does not drop from those kills.

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong about this.
  • reagen_lionel
    The loot is dependant upon the monsters level to yours (within 5 or so levels). Though monsters that drop crafting materials like meat and hides can drop for anyone.

    The loot also depends on if you attacked monster and how much damage you dealt it before it died.

    If you're in party, the loot is shared but only in relation to the leader and the monsters level you're fighting from my experience.

    the only time monsters scale to your level is in group dungeons.
  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    Just to clarify the Group Leader and the Dungeons, it is scaled to the leader when you enter the dungeon. However, the leader can change after that and the scaling remains the same.

    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

    PakKat "Everything was going well, until I died"

  • driosketch
    Group dungeons scale to the leader when you first enter. Item loot will scale to that level. Anyone more than 5 levels above the dungeon level will not get xp or loot drops.
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  • MissBizz
    Community Ambassador
    What @Nestor said is correct. As for the loot (and experience) issue...

    Any player 5 levels or more above the mob's level, will not receive loot.

    Any player 5 levels or more above the mob's level will not receive XP.

    A low player fighting high level mobs will only get XP (and loot) if they do enough damage for the game to "justify" giving them something for the kill.

    If you have friends that are a wide level range, you just need to take turns being the one(s) not getting loot/xp.

    If I am incorrect, please someone let me know, but to the best of my memory that is how it works. XP also scales down depends how many levels above the mob you are. (This is in some patch notes... just can't remember which one)

    @ArielleJureaux I THINK it's 5 levels, not 3. But nonetheless both of us are in the range.
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  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    Another thing to note, if your 5 levels above the mob, you don't get any damage to your armor, so helping out a low level friend wont' cost you anything but time.

    I think the exp starts scaling at 2 levels, but not sure. By scaling I mean it starts to drop off until it gets to nothing at more then 5 levels. Or it could be just for VR Ranks that this is the case.
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

    PakKat "Everything was going well, until I died"

  • DevilsRonin
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks again for the help everybody.

    And to MissBizz and Nestor,
    From what my little group has been able to figure out testing different group leaders and what not over the last week, you two seem to be spot on!

    Still kinda a bummer its setup like that though. From what I hear its to help prevent higher level players from abusing the loot system or something.

    Anyways, we're finally closing the gaps between our differing character levels so its not becoming much of an issue anymore.

    To other new players who might be in the same position my group and I where in,
    -Taking turns on who is lead going through dungeons seems to be the best bet as someone above suggested.
    - You should also check out the Alliance War once you all have reach level 10 for Cyrodiil. Alliance War offers a great way to play as a group no matter the differing levels of characters in your group. The tutorial quests are pretty quick and easy. And you can get into some awesome battles fairly quickly if you join one of the larger groups playing in your chosen campaign.
    - Oh, and we also created a kind of mini-game amongst ourselves that's kinda amusing. We compete against each other to see who can pull in the most gold from stealing goods and fencing the limit within a certain time period, we limit the play field to the city boundaries usually.
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