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Imperial City - ETA?

I'm sorry if this question has been asked before but does anyone here know if the patch containing the imperial city will be released prior to the console release?
  • PKMN12

    it was SUPPOSED to be here at or a bit after, launch...........
    Edited by PKMN12 on March 31, 2015 9:42PM
  • theroyalestpythonnub18_ESO
    From what little we've heard, the Imperial City is to come out sometime after console launch. It'll likely be the first of the new zones to be released.
  • JD2013
    Soon (TM)
    Sweetrolls for all!

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  • nimander99

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  • Digiman
    I could care less, fix the current bugs and problems with the LFG tool before you decide to spend resources on a new PvP type that will collapse because you failed to address the previous bugs.
  • AssaultLemming
    Probably they are working to have it as day 1 dlc for console launch lol.
  • WhiskyBob
    Somewhere around June.
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  • bertenburnyb16_ESO
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  • Keron
    It's from another game, but here is a brilliant and very accurate description of developer time. In this sense:

    At some point in the future.
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  • BRogueNZ
    Its going to be amusing when they do

    Edited by BRogueNZ on April 1, 2015 9:43AM
  • Seraphyel
    Imperial City? What's that?
  • Enodoc
    Community Ambassador
    Seraphyel wrote: »
    Imperial City? What's that?
    No idea. Sounds like a "city" where there may be "Imperials". In theory, may look like this on the map:
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