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Game logs me out with error message when I enter the Daggerfall thief area?

Just started happening, I hit e on the grate by the docks, get the loading screen and bam, crash to the loading screen with the error message: <<1>> . What?

I also tried restarting the game...still get the error.

What's wrong?
  • Ellorienne
    Me too :( I removed all 3 of my addons (map addons) and it still happens on both servers.
  • gotgk
    These are all tied together.

    Someone tag someone who has access to spillcode/crashcode.

    These crashes are all stemming from a group of changes, but we have no power while they manifest in these many ways. If I hack the client and start posting the actual function of parts of the code, I'm pretty sure that my account won't last long.

    The point is that

    1) They can deny it's a big problem as long as it is spread out and affecting players in different ways
    2) It doesn't affect a lot of people

    Just keep submitting tickets I guess?
  • ZOS_MollyH

    Since there are now multiple threads active regarding this error message, we are going to close this thread and direct further replies to the other one here

    If you can go ahead and reply to the other thread with the following information, we can ensure we keep everyone up to date and can gather the best information while this is being researched:

    If you have submitted a support ticket, can you please let us know the ticket number?
    If you have not submitted one, can you please do so or let us know so we can create one for you at this time?

    ETA: Please be aware that submitting multiple tickets for the same issue will have the opposite effect of speeding up your response time. It will take extra time to go through and collect information out of multiple tickets and close them all out.
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