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Does patch update restart after you stop downloading?

Soul Shriven
Right now its 41.4GB but not sure what the total amount should be, i haven't played in a while. I only played for a month when the game came out and stopped. I never really updated after that but i have been downloading for the last couple of days now. It still it feels like the patch restarts downloading every time, does the patch restart downloading every time, once you turn of you're pc?
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  • Deheart
    No, it shouldn't restart unless it glitched, when restarted it should check your files and then resume where you left off.

    And my ESO game folder is 41.6 gb
    As a casual player I was satisfied that at one point I had a char max level and near max crafting with almost all motifs and I pretty much lost interest. Then ESO discovered DLC's and now my main is just a wanabe and I am happily pulled back into the game.
  • ZOS_TristanK
    Hey, @Kriegshammer. There might be a couple of things happening here. First, if you haven't patched for a while, it's possible that the launcher will need to download multiple updates. When the launcher finishes one update, it'll move to the next one, but this can look like the whole process is starting over. The best thing is to is to just let your launcher keep on running.

    If you do pause your launcher, keep in mind that before the download resumes all of your files will first be checked. The launcher will check your files to make sure that nothing is missing or corrupted, and if it finds missing files, it will automatically replace them. After the check, the update will resume, but this whole process can also look like the download is starting over.

    We hope this helps clarify things! Please let us know if you're unable to patch!
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