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Freshly *laundered*

Well, here I am, a new thief and quite a good one too. I have spent many an hour since the recent upheavals in Tamriel sneaking and pilfering my way around slums, suburbia and palaces. I've found some questionable items in some questionable places... a portable chamber pot next to the throne; a bottle of hand cream in a drawer next to the bed with a curious family portrait and a risque print. Not to mention the black silk handkerchief next to the king's nose warmer.

But I digress. I've also on the rare occasion I actually escape with managed to launder some interesting new cloths. From finger-less gauntlets to corseted shirts, from smelly sandals to skirt and tails, I've found all sorts.

My question is simply, who might be interested in these sort of things? I've tried selling them to my fellow adventurers, but obsessed as we are with gaining power and more powerful armor they don't seem that appealing. Where might I find people who stop to smell the roses, and sometimes like to get into slightly more comfortable cloths?

Many thanks,


(In short, I know role players exist, I see people talking about it from time to time, but I've never actually seen any in game! If anyone could point me in the direction of any places where you guys congregate I might come down and peddle some of my wares., cheers!)
  • Rosveen
    You can't take a walk in High Rock without tripping over German RPers every ten steps.
  • katkat42
    On NA, the Pact is rife with roleplayers. They are frequently gathered in Ebonheart, among other places.
    Stonehenge ROCKS!
  • Sentinel
    On DC NA, there's a very large community of Roleplayers. I don't know where ya are, but if you need to look anywhere, I'd try there. As for how to contact them... Taverns are good, zone chat also good though a lot of RPers turn it off.
  • Dyna
    Hey there! Have you checked out teso-rp.com?

    I know that a lot of us would be potentially very interested in purchasing the benefits of your plundering!
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