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Valic Aludrias looking for a heavy role play guild

Soul Shriven
Alright! So I play on Daggerfall Covenant and I play a Dunmer sorcerer and I LOVE elder scrolls lore and really want to rp in this universe. I have rped on multiple games including Guild wars 2, World of Warcraft, and Knights of the old republic. I believe I got a pretty solid back story for my character so now I am just looking for rp partners and guilds who would have me.

A few skill sets one might find useful if they so choose to include him in their journeys across Tameriel:

Master weapons and armor maker
Tactical adviser


As A dark elf he can indeed be prideful but his pride is more often than not overridden by logic. He is neither in the good or evil spectrum of things he is in the grey area often neutral only taking sides when it is in his best interest. This Dark elf also has his opinions and is not afraid to voice them if asked and if one disagrees with him it takes some good 'speechcraft' for him to see it your way. He is blunt and honest which is why one would be wise to seek his advice when they want someone to give it to them straight.

Back Story:

I won't put much here because I want you all to rp to find out but Ill give a basic summery. He was upper class in Dunmer society and seemed to be a loyal patriot to his people however for reasons unknown he has gone turncoat. Now he serves the Covenant as a tactical adviser in Cyrodiil and has proved of some use. However he is indeed on a short leash sense the possibly his recent change of loyalty could be a farce. What are his 'real' intentions? Well thats where you the rper find out.

Thank you for reading and hope to find some good friends to rp with soon :)
  • Panda244
    ......He is blunt and honest.......
    That's the best kind of person though! :worried:
    Sadly I don't know of any RP guilds on the Covenant side, have you checked out TESO-RP?
    Aldmeri Dominion For Life!
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    N'tel Arlena - NB - V14 - Retired Sap Tank of Haderus NA, Harasser of Many (Also, not a vampire. Goes by nickname Nutella.)


    Officially Resigned From Cyrodiil As Of 4/15/15 10:24 PM EST.
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