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Testing My Skills

Hey guys ! I know it sounds stupid but i didn't realize there wasn't a duel option until this morning . I reached 46 this morning and I wanna test myself in 1v1 . How can I duel my friends ? ( they are in the same faction , I would call them to a specific place in Cyrodiil if they weren't . )

I read some forums and all they say is ''go Cyrodiil'' but that is for war not duel .

Please don't say ''test yourself in Cyrodiil'' . I want 1v1 with friends , for fun .

Thanks in advance !
  • christopher.wieser.cwb16_ESO
    I am Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no duel option. It is actually a shame that there is none..
  • Cinnamon_Spider
    You just need to find some friends in other factions and then meet up with them in Cyrodiil.
    What faction and are you on the NA or EU server?
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  • DeLindsay
    Sorry OP, ESO doesn't have simple features like Player Duels, Target Dummies, a search function on the Guild Stores, proper organization of our Banks, etc. ZoS wants us to have to make difficult discussions like spending more time than necessary to test things out or search through your bank to find something, etc.
  • TheBull
    Go to the non vet campaign find someone of another faction then whisper them.
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  • Liofa
    What about 1.6 ? Is there anything about duel ?
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