LF a big Merchant Guild ! thx ;) [EU/Daggerfall]

Soul Shriven
Hi, i'm looking for a merchant/trading guild with lot of members ! ;)

Invite me : @Juki

Thank's in advance ! ;)
Bonjour, je recherche une guilde marchande/d'échange avec beaucoup de membres ! ;)

Invitez moi : @Juki

Merci d'avance ! ;)
  • Rosveen
    Hey there. :) The Imperial Trading Company would be happy to have you. We have an almost full roster of active players and a trader in the city of Daggerfall (we're DC-based). I'll send an invite your way when I'm in the game, or you could take a look at our website in my sig and try to contact one of the officers in-game.
  • Juki
    Soul Shriven
    Great ! ;) Thank you ! and see you soon ingame ! ;)
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