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[AD] [EU] 2x DD VR11+ LFG

We are two mature european players looking for a guild.

We are both experienced players even though we have recently returned to ESO after a five month break.

We are primarily damage dealers but with some abillity to play a healing role as well.

We are looking for a guild that does endgame PvE content such as regular dungeons and raids. PvP events are also very welcome.

We consider ourselves semi hardcore players.

Either leave your contact information and information about your guild in a reply here, or contact me in game at the username @halkjear or charecter name Tawan.

Thank you.
  • dennis95b16_ESO
    Hi there!
    I own a newly started Aldmeri Dominion (EU) Guild and i am on the lookout for new members. The Guild is called Trymes Companions and we do PvP, Trials, Dungeons, Areana and some Events sutch as collecting runs, Training day, sale Days. I would like to have some rp in the Guild as well to light the Guild up. It is perfekt for new rpingp. Why? becuse there is people who dont roleplay and players that do so it is easy to swap your mood :wink:
    We use Teamspeak 3 when we play so we can get the team coordinated and makes it easyer to descover new friends. Teamspeak 3 is free to download and easy to use.
    WE seek Active social players that loves a challange and wants to become better at this game. This is a hardcore Guild and we strive for the top both in rank and mood. If you are intressted then just reply :smiley:
  • ClearArrow
    Hi @halkjear,

    I am the Queen of a mainly PVE guild called the ADAMANTINE ORDER. We are a achievement hunting guild that offers lots of help with group dungeons, world bosses and anchor's.

    We have a balance of low level players and veteran's and once we all level up a bit more we plan to enter Cyrodiil and claim some territory!

    We are a mainly English speaking guild but our members span all over Europe and currently we have 35 members. We want to keep it quite a close knit guild so we realistically don't want over 75 members, so we are keeping it small.

    You can find our official website here:

    You can sign up at our Official Forum or mail @ClearArrow in-game!
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