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NB stat/gear question

Hi just started playing eso and Im a bit unsure where to spend my atribute Points and gear to use. I made a NB and In going go use bow/destr staff, so I Will be using both magicka and stamina weapons and skills, I Guess I Will be using both cloth and leather armor, but how much of thé gear should I get stam/mag on, and what about rings etc? Grateful for Any tips.
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  • Cyhawk
    Using both both magicka and stamina skills is not recommended. You'll fail pretty badly at both. The reason is armor passives. You need at least 5 (nominally 7, but you can drop down a few pieces when you understand and can compensate for the cost increases) of each individual armor type to be effective (Light for magicka, medium for stamina). If you're under level 50 this doesn't matter much, but the higher level you go the more important it becomes to specialize.

    That said, as long as you aren't heavy on the bow, a normal magicka build would be just fine with a bow in one weapon. The damage loss isn't that bad though you do lose the crit for the bow. You can either Crushing Shock Spam or Funnel Health spam as your primary spam skill and maximize magicka on the enchants (with attrib points in health until you feel comfortable. More health is always good)

    Although you won't get much out of the bow build, as both destro and bow skills are comparable, neither has utility the other lacks. You'd be better off with a melee weapon or another destro/restro on your other bar to deal with situations your primary bar cannot.

    Normally there are two ways you can go about setting yourself up:

    Bar 1: Single Target (ranged or Melee, try not to do both. Also its good to note that range doesn't suffer from being ranged)
    Bar 2: AoE Bar


    Bar 1: Melee(and AoE) Bar
    Bar 2: Range Bar

    The first one is favored for most PvE, AoE is extremely important as the number of trash pulls are massive. The second bar style is more favored for PvP as you'll be in single target mode 99% of the time and you really only need 1 AoE (in your case, Sap) for those times it becomes useful.

    With all that said, since you are under level 50, just level up everything. Learn everything. Figure out what does and doesn't work and how it works. Don't pigeon hole yourself into a single 'build' or a 'style', that crap doesn't work well in ESO. Ideally by level 50 you should have all class skill lines maxed and most weapon skills at least around 38ish (for the last ability) and every skill you can unlock ready to morph (morphs aren't very important for leveling up). If you can do this while leveling up you'll end up better off than the majority of other people since you now have experience with everything.
  • daolar
    I decided to go bowx2, and Im using 3 bow skills on bar 1, and 1 bow skill on bar 2, the rest is magicka based skills, so a total of 4 stamina skills, and 6 magicka skills, so the question is, do I still go for a magicka build, since I have more magicka based skills, or do I go with a stamina build? might be a dumb qustion but only used the destr staff so far
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  • Aeeeek
    my NB has 1 stamina(DW) skill and 4 magic skills on her main bar,
    but I spam the DW and use the magic skills situationally so a stamina build with just enough magika is what works for me.
  • theschmids_ESO
    What race are you using? Some have better stamina generation, others have magic regeneration, etc. On the Bow (great choice btw all my NB use bow, the Magnum Shot, morph of the long range shot is amazing) develop that one. IMO being a night blade you have one tier for range and another for melee. Thus my choice has been dual wield. Depending on the race daggers or swords. The destruction staff takes time to generate a charge, then leaving you open for attack. Medium and light armour is a good choice. Races have traits that will develop that skill line. Any race for any class - have fun with developing your builds.
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  • snowmanflvb14_ESO
    I play a NB bow user and tend to have my first bar with the 3 bow skills and impale and swallow health while my second bar tends to have my utility and other class skills. If I need aoes I use a second bow and have them on the second bar. If not either have a resto staff or the 2nd bow equipped. Remember a bow does not have a penalty when using it up close it does however gain in damage when used at range.
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  • Rune_Relic
    In 1.5 it was all about maximising resource pools
    There was a choice between all health + stamina/magicka enchants or stamina/magicka + health enchants.
    For greatest flexibility....
    All health (stam/magicka increase with level anyway) and then enchant a medium stamina set & a light magicka set.
    This lets you swap magicka to stamina build at leisure.
    There were even add ons that let you swap setups on the fly.

    1.6 throws all that out the window.
    I don't think anyone has crunched all the numbers and really knows how all the cogs work in 1.6

    I went S&B + bow on a stamina build.
    Stamina builds are seriously gimped upto 1.5 as their is only werewolf/fighters guild/weapons that scaled off stamina &/or weapon damage. Everything else scaled of Magicka and spell damage...even class skills
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