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[OOC] Looking for RP Guild.

Soul Shriven
Hey guys! A few friends and I are over here to try out this game and we are looking for a home to place ourselves in. We are roleplayers, and have been RPing for years on other MMOs (so you don't have to worry about godmodding, powerplaying, etc) We are new to the lore of ESO but we are collectively reading it together in order to forum our back stories. Aldemeri Dominion BTW.

We are interested in rich lore stories as well as a guild who is lore abiding to the game. We want to learn, but also have fun! We are not really interested in vampire guilds, werewolf guilds, or straight up imperial guilds (although your guilds are all very lovely) If you have one of those guilds and can convince us to join... I personally say go for it! LOL. We are also looking for those who will guide us through the lore if we have any questions. But you wont have to worry about holding our hands every step of the way :) If there are any RP guilds out there who are interested in taking a few new RP members, we will not disappoint!
  • Dyna
    Hello PINKGAM3R!!

    You should check out - we've got a lot of newly forming or fully-formed and active Aldmeri Dominion roleplay guilds listed there, you'd be able to ask questions and get a general bearing on what you want. :)

    Additionally, I'd be happy to send an invite to you (and any of your friends!) for the Aldmeri Dominion OOC roleplay guild - it's just a large community guild for roleplayers on AD to gather, so that we can find each other and announce events and discuss lore. It's called 'The Dominion Accord', and I promise the folks there are friendly and don't bite!

    What kind of RP are you interested in? I know a guild called 'The Sugar Claw Clan' who seem pretty friendly and inviting, they have some folks who are maybe a bit newer to RP, but they are definitely more centered around khajiit. They seem to have plenty non-khajiiti members, too - I could put you in touch if you'd like!

    Feel free to message me in-game. I'm @Dyna!
    Soul Shriven
    Thank you, Dyna!

    I will look up the site. Feel free to send me an invite to The Dominion Accord. As far as other guilds, I will have to browse. Maybe more of an adventurers type guild. But I am all up for other options.
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