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What faction is best for RP?

Soul Shriven
So I plan to make a dunmer nightblade and not sure which faction to choose, I plan to do a lot of rping. I already have most of my character fleshed, i'm leaning to playing him as a traveling bounty hunter who's wanting to see as much of the world as he can. He's not racist, seeing at there great and terrible people in every race.

What faction should I choose? Which is best for RP in general?
  • lukas.urmoneitb16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    I take you play in EU?
    Can't tell you about "the best" since that depends on what you expect. I know that DC has some noble-rp but I can tell you that the EP has a quite active, solid RP community. We got random RP, project and regular events. For questions poke me ingame:
    @AzziSalli or Lea Beleth
    Here a link to our newly created forum.
  • Feynn
    Actually DC has more than just noble-rp. In fact, I wouldnt' say nobles are our main thing at all! We have a very active, vibrant and well-established RP community. We have been active in RP without interruption ever since the launch of the game, and recently we have been growing even more. Some of our members also play across factions, as they enjoy RP both in DC and EP. So if you are on the EU megaserver I would strongly recommend either DC or EP - or both!

    If you want to know more about RP in the Daggerfall Covenant, have a look at the forum of our guild, Stormhaven RP, or send me a message here or in-game @Feynn
    Join us on Stormhaven RP! The largest TESO roleplay community of the Daggerfall Covenant, EU Megaserver.
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