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Unable to submit /bug or /feedback on 1.6

Hello! The title pretty much says it all but, last night, a fellow Mac player and I were trying out 1.6 together and came across a couple of items that we were going to report.

We can both get all the way through the /bug report until the final [Submit] but never receive the confirmation screen that tells us that our report has been successfully submitted. We're left to assume that the /bug report did not go through.

Just figured you'd want to know! :)
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  • adarkartist
    its a know issue on the pts, got an email today about it. But it also does it on Live for me as well
  • Yandros
    I have the same problem..... :-(
  • Lukefus
    This also happens to me on live, custommer support window does not work.
  • BlueRaven
    Same issue for me as well.
  • chris.dillman
    Hi everyone.

    It is a bug in our 3rd party web browser we use for support that showed up in 10.10. We do get your feed back reports though.

    The knowledge base tab crashes the browser.

    Unfortunately thats is the default tab AFTER You post some feed back… so instant crash.

    From the users point of view it just looks like the submit buttons don't do anything.

    -- ESO -- Lead Mac Programmer...
    Staff Post
  • duncan_cougarpreeb18_ESO
    same problem here and without any feedback / ticket number /bug is pretty much useless for the user, all ensuring from support / ZOS aside.

    It's not like ZOS has a good track record of dealing with bugs in a timely fashion (unless let's on a century scale and us being still at well below 0.01 "cents")
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