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AD Player LF Guild

Hi, I'm Vinx. I'm looking for a AvA/PvE guild; I usually do both. I need a friendly guild who answers questions, is talkative, and helpful. My old friends went back to WoW but I just couldn't so now I need a new guild to make new friends and level with. I tried a few in-game guilds but they don't help and aren't very friendly they keep to themselves a lot of the time. I understand being Vet14 you tend to do Cyrodiil a lot..
Anyways, I'm an Aldmeri Dominion player with a Vet 7 doing Silver, a few lower level characters but my Vet 7 is my main. I'm a Templar Healer/Dps - using a bow, SaB, or two-hander. I have clothing nearly maxed along with a few other professions. I do dungeons, questing, and raiding. I'm down for anything, but right now I need friends to level through silver, and gold.

I'm not looking for a guild, I'm looking for a friend.

Vinx Terranova
  • Ivalice
    hey Vinx :) I am from Elderblade, we have been around since before Beta and are a friendly, bunch, come check out out site: and if you have any questions let me know. We have PvE and PvP every week, something to do almost every night, a voice chat, and the works. Very helpful members and a lot of fun...and interesting...conversations haha. We may be a good fit for you.
    Elderblade GM
    50 High Elf Sorc DPS Ivalice
    50 Orc DK Tank Norkuk'tuk
    50 Khajiit NB Dps Farinre
  • NikkiStardust
    Hi Vinx :)

    If you are still looking for a guild and more importantly, ESO friends, then please feel free to check us out, Knights Who Say Nirn

    We are a smallish EU/AD social guild and we pride ourselves on being a friendly, nurturing guild who are always happy to help. We all relate to each other as friends, and family, rather than just random people that we play a game with. We have a very active and friendly Facebook group where we obsess over the game when not playing it :)

    There's a very short application form on our website if we sound like the kind of people you'd like to adventure and make friends with :)

    May your path lead to warm sands,

    GM and shameless promoter of Knights Who Say Nirn - AD/UK/EU -

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