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Revealing Flare Tooltip Descriptions

Here are the tooltips for the Revealing Flare skill.

Revealing Flare

Lingering Flare

Scorching Flare
  • driosketch
    I was about to say that's an insane cost for that skill, then I remembered they adjusted all the stats.
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  • WebBull
    Fairly decent damage for scorching.
  • KBKB
    Thanks for doing these lone!
  • Poxheart
    Will be interesting to see how dark cloak works against this scorching flare. Will it remove the dot? If so does it allow you to cloak into stealth?
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  • supernico
    I assume it has bigger radius than caltrops and costs less.
    Edited by supernico on January 28, 2015 11:23PM
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  • Armitas
    Umm if that dot is as strong as it looks, couldn't people just wait in stealth then mass stack this on a flag from range and melt people to oblivion? Imagine when it crits.

    I wonder if the 8 second "can't stealth" is cleansable.
    Edited by Armitas on January 29, 2015 9:55PM
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