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Necromancer class idea

Many of us have a dire need for a Necro class, so I thought I'd throw my idea in the ring. Take aspects from the current four classes and make them necromantic.

Ardent Flame has the Firey Grip chain-pulling, so make that a boney hand on a purple beam and it becomes Death Embrace under the Cold Touch tree.

An undead summoning tree - kill a foe, and with a spell you can make a skeleton/zombie rise out of them. (I've seen NPCs do something like that) Ultimate for that tree? Summon a Bone Colossus!

And the healing side skill tree - area spells that heal allies while damaging foes BUT (with a certain passive) when an enemy dies they can get resurrected to fight for you. Maybe.

I really just want to go around as a combat-necromancer, killing things with a sword and using their corpse as fodder. Oh well.
  • thodoris1008
    This matter has been discussed in depth in these forums but ZOS never bothered to answer.On top of that,they have never even mentioned anything about adding classes to the game.At this point I am convinced that it will never happen.Even if it did it would be a world/guild skilline,which is really restrictive and boring (see vamps).Also,the traditional rpg necromancer playstyle does not really fit into this game as pets and dots are pure crap in ESO.I really hope ZOS proves me wrong (I have always played necros in my previous mmos) but I am not really counting on it.
  • Draehl
    Sign me up if it has good DoTs, but like you said, Zenimax hasn't had the best record with DoTs so far.
    Main: Breton Nightblade "Shadow Cleric" (Sustained Damage/offhealer) 5L/2H - Resto + S&B
    Alt: Argonian Dragonknight (Stam DoTs/Tank) 5H/2M - S&B + Bow
    Alt: Nord Templar Berserker (Rawr) 5M/2H - Dual Wield + Two Hander
    Alt: Altmer Sorceror (Pewpew) 7L - Destro + Resto
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