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Sanctuary set in PVP?

Recently on my dedicated healer I switched from 5 piece vr1 warlock set to 5 piece vr4 sanctuary set. It seems like it helps during tight fights where I'm within 10m of my group members, but it's hard to tell.

Has anyone done any conclusive testing with this set? Is it worth using in PVP?
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  • DeLindsay
    I have the full VR5 set on my NB and have tested it in Vet Dungeons and a little bit of PvP. If I'm being honest, it's meh unless you're with a good group who knows to stick together (a good zerg should stick together in Cyro). It really has the potential to be an amazing Healing set, but due to being so situationally dependent it's hard to qualify how "good" it is for your situation and group's play style. I'd say run with it for a while and see for yourself what you make of it. The major drawback I can see from an opponents eyes is those orbs make you enemy #1 as it's obvious you're there to Heal.

    I actually have the VR1 set waiting for my DK to get there to test it out Healing on him. I'll be stacking Igneous Shield (+33%) with Sanctuary (+12% in 10m) and Healer's Habit (+8%) while using The Ritual (+5.7% w/2 Legendary Divines, can't get 4 Divines without using the Infused Staff of Sanctuary) for incredible burst Healing once he's high enough to wear all set pcs. The only drawbacks to running that setup is no Impen for PvP and Magicka could be an issue without all the regen bonuses or cost reduction bonus via Seducer/Warlock, plus the Staff is Infused so bye bye 7% crit if you go that route. Drawbacks aside, once 1.6 hits and Resto Staves scale with Spell Damage and Soft caps are gone, DK burst Healing could be insane.
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  • Vordae
    With the removal of aoe caps in 1.6 sticking close together will become a bad idea in PvP.
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