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Completed Crypt of Hearts Vet Dungeon first time, didn't get skill point

So, I completed the Crypt of Hearts dungeon for the first time and didn't get a skill point or quest hand in.

I'm wondering what I missed.

I had the quest where you had to check the bedroom, and burned the body but couldn't find anything else to do in there even though there was still a quest marker.

Is this bugged, or did I just miss something?
  • Magdalina
    Assuming you did take quest at entrance(and sounds like you did, sometimes npcs just don't pop up with the quest for some reason), sounds like a bug. Guess you now have incentive to run that awesome(no sarcasm intended, I like it) place again;) Drop your current quest and make sure your group has dropped it as well and do it again.

    Good luck!
    Edited by Magdalina on January 26, 2015 1:20PM
  • Joy_Division
    I ran this with two vet characters and each time I missed the same thing. After you kill the guardian boss and enter the questgiver's bedroom, stick around for a bit until she completes her dialogue. There will then be a journal of sorts either on the bed or the nightstand which you have to read.
  • Bouvin
    Awesome. Thanks for the help!
  • Maidenname
    Yes, as several dungeons have displayed the lengthy comments from NPCS and sometimes slow crawling moon walking NPC that makes you want to whip them to go faster like your mount yeeharg!........but patience we must have, if not our quest objectives are not being updated and thus, did not get the credit deserved at the end. In my opinion, it is good to have the NPCS TO GET THEIR dialogue over and done as quickly as possible.

    Reason I am saying this, this week I decided to level a 2nd alt after I have been playing on my Main VR 14 since Launch in last year March, I went into Banished Cells. I dreaded the slow walking motion of the main NPC character to come into each room after we cleared them. We used to have Guildies complaining they didn't get a skill point after completing it because they didn't wait for the quest update from the sloooow NPC character. This scenario is displayed again in several Group Dungeons.
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