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FPS question

So, I used to be able to run the game on my iMac at "medium" graphics and I LOVE the stunning visuals that the game has to offer. However since the 10.10 upgrade (now 10.10.1) I've been seeing worse performance. So, I upgraded to 16 gig ram from the 4 that came with my system and not much improved.

Complicating that, FPS seems to change throughout the day. For example - yesterday it went up into the 25's so I turned medium graphics back on and fps dropped to 15 or so but i was able to play just fine. At around midnight, I noticed fps was in the 45 range! Went to bed, got up this morning and it is now 7-9 fps.

I don't really understand what is changing - can anyone point me to some helpful info on this topic?
  • bugmom
    Update: Have found that if I reboot my computer before starting ESO that it helps. I also then run the activity monitor and there are three processes that I have to manually kill because I can't figure out how to get rid of them permanently:

    HP Product Research (came with printer driver)
    Growlhelper (which I don't use, haven't updated, can't seem to delete)
    Controllermate (don't use, can't find to delete)

    I also make sure nothing else is running - Safari, mail, etc.

    If I do the reboot and kill those every time before I start the game, I can get 45 fps in low graphics, 15-20 fps in high graphics with shadows off.

    Until today. Today I am getting 5-10 fps no matter what.

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