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Acolytes [NA] | Daggerfall Covenant

Acolytes are recruiting for Elder Scrolls Online!

Who are we?
The Acolytes were founded in 2004 with the basic principle of creating a strong, social gaming community. Since then we've offered many outlets for our members to enjoy their time together as a community. We could be grouping together doing a dungeon or playing a drinking game on mumble. Currently we have four supported MMO chapters including Elder Scrolls Online. We offer a chance to join a Guild that won’t troll it's members or self destruct over night. Our membership has been strong for over 9 years and it continues to grow each day.

What are we doing to address your needs?
Are you looking to log in no matter what time of day or night and enjoy the game with others? Are you looking to be part of a guild that has a 24/7 presence within Cyrodiil? Are you looking to become an Emperor? Are you looking to be part of a guild that works together and helps it's members obtain the most legendary of items? Are you a crafter that needs a presence in Cyrodiil to obtain the rarest of resources? We are the guild for you! We have members from both the NA, EU and other parts of the world, so no matter where you are located we have you covered! We are continuing to recruit both NA, EU and AUS members. The Acolytes leaders will spend hundreds of hours working together to create the best environment for our member base. The leadership group is in constant contact and work as one to continue the success of the chapter.

Recruitment Status
We have 56 active members in game at the moment across various time zones throughout the world. The Acolytes are currently recruiting new members located in NA, EU and AUS to build upon our core of members from those area's for our 24/7 presence in ESO. Our main faction focus is the Daggerfall Covenant and we are on the NA Thornblade Campaign.

What we plan to offer members:
  • Guild hosted events
  • Farming groups
  • Dungeon groups
  • Organized Raiding
  • Organized Cyrodiil Guild PVP
  • A great community
  • Active leadership
  • Experienced players to help all levels of gamers
  • And much more - pending additional details of the game

What principles guide this chapter?
The most important thing in any MMO is that guild members are having fun. Acolytes are a zero/low drama guild of friends who like to spend time online together. We have every type of player ranging from casual 5 hours a week to hardcore 50 hours a week, and the important thing is that we all log into a great game and have a great time together.

Leadership will do everything we can to ensure the quality of the Acolytes brand, because we are more than just another guild. We will be respected by our allies. We will be feared by our enemies. This is the last guild that you will ever need.

Please feel free to visit our forums below and check out our site.  If you feel we are a good fit for your play style then by all means fill out an application!  Hope to see you soon!

Acolytes Community Social Media Sites

Just a few screenshots of our adventures so far - Visit our site to see the video's of the battle's

  • wizardhood2003
    You can now get into the in game guild w/o an app! Easy peasy!

    If you feel we are a good fit for your play style then by all means fill out an applicationton join the full community! Hope to see you soon in ESO! You can contact myself @War101 or another officer @Wraithen, @TherealHussain, @Naupraptor, or @MykahAshborn in game for an invite!
  • wizardhood2003
    Acolytes will be revitalized when 1.6 goes live! Join now and be part of something real!
  • Tyjak
    Soul Shriven
    Hey Acolytes,

    I played with you guys a year or two ago on GW2. I remember having so much fun with the community events, Mumble, and PvP groups. I bought ESO yesterday and would enjoy coming back to Acolytes. By the way, my GW2 name was Tjkingsly & Tjmeowzly. Anyways, hope to hear back soon. I'll have to go on the Acolytes site tomorrow. (In bed on my phone at the moment). Cheers!

    Echo of Silence <AD>

    Albert Fingertoes
    Magicka Sorcerer
  • Hieru
    Howdy Tyjak! Head on over to our site if you haven't already. You can also find @War101 in game. Great to see people that took part in our other chapters.
    Acolytes Gaming Community
    Daggerfall Covenant ~~~ Visit our Website Today

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