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Out for some cardio in Cyrodiil when this happened...(video)

Out in Cyrodiil for some cardio after a long night of drinking mead.
I got trolled hard by a glowing plant. Nerf plants!!

I actually made this video for the squad of Blues who were responsible for my Detect Potion they could see the incident from my angle because ...LULZ. The other stuff is just fun, fluffy filler I made up while editing.

Yes - I know I am terri-bad and lack in skill and deserve to be cannon fodder - but lets not focus on that, shall we? I am just a little nobody in PvP land... and I am content with that. :wink:
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  • Lord_Hev
    The glowing plants... always a tarp, er... trap. XD

    Well... it did try to warn you! lolz.
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  • dermottib14_ESO
    lol great vid
  • Jahosefat
    That was great! It's little unpredictable things like this that make me love cyrodiil :D
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